• A citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States

Applicants must submit a copy of a California ID, Passport or other legal document verifying legal residency.


  • 16-18 years of age

Applicants must turn 16 prior to the program start date​ (certain exceptions can be made) and cannot turn 19 prior to the start date.  Students must turn 16 prior to July 11, 2021.  You may start the application process if the student is currently 15 and will turn 16 before or shortly after July 11th.

  • At risk of dropping out of high school or credit deficient

Students must have failed at least one class to be considered for acceptance.  We require copies of transcripts (official or unofficial) to evaluate eligibility.  If not credit deficient, evidence of habitual truancy or failing to progress academically so that there is a reasonable expectation that an applicant will not be able to earn a secondary school diploma will be required.

  • ​Legal History

Not under indictment, or ever convicted of a felony (or any crime that would be considered to be a felony if perpetrated by an adult), and not currently on parole or probation for other than juvenile status offenses or misdemeanors.


  • Physically and mentally capable of completing the program

Each applicant will need to complete our sports physical with their doctor prior to acceptance.  Our physical form is located in the Phase 2 application.  Any significant medical issues must be cleared by your physician.  You will know if we need any type of specialist clearance upon completion of the student interview.

  • Must be willing to be drug free

Sunburst is a secure facility and no drugs are accessible to cadets.  However, there are two home passes throughout the residential phase (except during Covid-19 Pandemic) in which the cadets go home for long weekends.  Cadets are drug tested the day they return.  Any failed drug tests result in immediate termination from the program.  

  • Student Motivation 

Students must want to apply!  Parents cannot force their children to apply.  This program cannot be court ordered or used as an alternative sentencing program.  If any of this is discovered throughout the application process the student will be disqualified.