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First Roll Call

Saturday, November 21st @ 10am

Roll Calls are a critical and mandatory component of the application process.  Applicants must successfully complete all three Roll Calls in order to be officially accepted into the academy.  They are designed to evaluate a student's ability to participate in the program and prepare the students for the upcoming class.  At any point a student does not successfully complete any of the Roll Calls, the application will be placed on hold until he or she successfully completes that Roll Call.

The First Roll Call will be an online Zoom Roll Call similar to the online orientation.  We will revisit some of the information put out during the orientation as well as meet with and hear from cadets currently enrolled in Sunburst.  There will be a question on learning quiz at the end of the Roll Call as well as a small assignment.  

This Roll Call is not designed to include parents/guardians.  Similar to the one on one interview, we ask students to find a quiet area with limited distractions, dressed professionally and motivated to participate.  Any unprofessional behavior or minimal participation will result in a No Go at that Roll Call and the student may or may not be offered the opportunity to retake that Roll Call.  

Students need to register for the Roll Call in order to receive the Zoom Link

Please register immediately so that we can make sure you have received this information.

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