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Zoom Links for Interviews.

If you don't have the link to your interview or are having issues, you may click the link to your assigned Interview Counselor below.  It will automatically log you into the interview.

Interview Tips

1.  Prepare.  Start to think about what is is that's keeping you from being successful.  Why do you want to attend Sunburst and how the academy will benefit you.  

2.  Pick the perfect spot.  Find a quiet, well lit room where you can be alone for the interview.  You should be in a space where you can speak freely 

3.  Eliminate distractions.  Close all the doors, silence everything that could be a distraction (cellphones, email notifications).  Make sure no one else is around including pets.

4.  Sit up and dress professionally.  First impressions matter.  Remember, you're applying for a scholarship and competing against other applicants.

5. Relax, look your interviewer in they eye, and be honest.  We want to make sure this Academy is the right place for you.  The only way to do that is to have a good understanding of each applicant.   The interview is completely confidential.  

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